How are we -- Really?

Dunsmuir Institute was founded by a Swedish designer and American historian who shared the same love of design innovation.  We started by asking some basic questions: What if we reject the idea of what design is and start to think about what is possible?  What if there were no distinctions like: high and low design, modern and traditional but rather what’s right, relevant and meaningful – what truly impacts our everyday life? What is the realm of design possibilities? What kinds of buildings would you dream up? What stories would you tell?

We established Dunsmuir Institute Architects for one purpose, to build great ideas, to unleash the creative potential of unexpected strategies and executions – to celebrate difference and the inexplicable.  Every new design challenge, every new client, was suddenly an opportunity to pursue something different, a chance to balance the passion for great design with an understanding of what matters now.


Ann-Sofi Holst, Architect 

Born in Stockholm Sweden, Ann-Sofi studied furniture design at Konstfack, Sweden and architecture at Cooper Union and Princeton University. She brings extensive knowledge of designing and realizing both residential and commercial spaces.  Before starting the Dunsmuir Institute Architects, Ann-Sofi worked with architectural firms in New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, most recently as project architect with Shubin + Donaldson Architects.  Ann-Sofi loves to investigate dilemmas in architecture, in visual culture and the inexplicable in design.  She has taught design investigation at Sci-Arc, University of British Columbia, Cooper Union, Cal-Poly Pomona and at Cornell University.


Scott Wolf , Ph.D. Architecture historian

Scott is gifted in both the highly speculative traits and down to earth practical restraints of design. He is from the Midwest and studied architecture at Kent State University. After a few years of architectural practice in Cleveland, Ohio, he continued his studies in architectural history at UCLA and completed his Ph.D. at Princeton University and the Humboldt University, Berlin.  He has taught modern history and design investigations at Sci Arc, Cal-poly Pomona, Woodbury University and the Academy of Arts, Vienna and has published his writings on modern design. Pursuing his practical side, Scott has also worked in construction supervision and furniture design. He is an integral part of Dunsmuir Institute Architects and directs Dunsmuir Cabinets.